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Article I.


In article 291:

paragraph (1) shall have the following content: “ (1) All the polling stations established abroad shall operate in line with the peculiarities provided in the present Code”.

paragraph (3) shall have the following wording: “(3) Besides the polling stations provided under para. (2), with the agreement of the competent authorities of the respective country, polling stations shall be organized also in other localities. The organization of these polling stations is carried out by the Central Election Commission, at the proposal of the Government, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and with other authorities of central public administration.”

the article shall be completed with paragraph (31) with the following wording:

“(31) When opening polling stations abroad, the following criteria shall be taken into consideration:

a) the information held by the diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Moldova in the countries of residence;
b) the information held by the central public authorities, including the relevant official statistical data;
c) the information obtained as a result of the prior registration of the citizens staying abroad, according to the procedure set forth by a regulation approved by the Central Election Commission;
d) number of voters who have participated in the previous elections;
e) other relevant data obtained by the central public authorities, upon request
from the authorities of the country of residence, according to the legal conditions”.