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Article I.


Article 44 paragraph (1):

in the introductory part, the words “personally by the candidate” shall be introduced after “shall be submitted” in letter a) the text “art. 79” shall be replaced by the text “art. 79, 80”;

letter b) shall be completed by the end with the text “in any type of elections, as well as of the candidates in parliamentary elections in uninominal constituencies”;

letter e) shall have the following wording:

“e) the declaration of assets and personal interests of the candidate for the last 2 years prior to the year in which the elections are organized, in line with the Law on Declaring the Assets and Personal Interests;”

the paragraph shall be completed with let. e1) with the following wording:

“e1) the integrity certificate issued according to the law and by the National Integrity Authority, which will contain the following information about the candidate:

- existence of legal/judicial restrictions to run for election or to hold public functions;
- information regarding the existence/inexistence of final fact-finding acts related to the regime of the declaration of assets and personal interests, the situations of incompatibility and unjustified seizure of assets, acts which are not prescribed”;