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Article I.


Special conditions for signature collecting lists

(1) To be registered by the district electoral council, the candidate for the uninominal constituency shall submit according to art.42 and art.43 the signature collecting lists containing the signatures of at least 500 and at most 1000 supporters eligible to vote from the uninominal constituency where he/she intends to run for elections. By derogation from the given paragraph, a woman-candidate may be registered if she submits the signatures of at least 250 and at most 500 supporters entitled to vote from the constituency where she runs for elections.

(2) If upon scrutiny by the district electoral council, false signatures or repeated signature in more lists, or signatures performed by violation of art. 42 and 43 are found in the signature collecting lists, the respective signatures are excluded.

(3) If upon verification, it is found that the number of submitted signatures is insufficient or if after excluding the invalid signatures, the number of signatures decreased as compared to the minimum threshold provided in para. (1), the candidate shall not be registered and the respective decision shall be conveyer to him/her within 24 hours since its adoption.

(4) It is not admitted to submit signature collecting lists supplemented after they have been received by the district electoral council, which has registered the set of documents provided in art.44.

(5) The signatures for supporting the candidates from uninominal constituencies from abroad may come from any constituencies.

(6) The signatures for supporting the candidates from the uninominal constituencies established for the localities from the left side of the River Nistru (Transnistria) may come from any constituency.