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Article I.


Counting the mandates obtained by the candidate in the national constituency

(1) The Member of Parliament mandates shall be distributed only to the candidates who have obtained the necessary minimum number of votes to pass the representation threshold established in art. 89.

(2) The total number of valid votes cast in the respective parliamentary elections shall be divided to the number of MP mandates for the national constituency, hence obtaining the respective electoral coefficient.

(3) The number of valid votes obtained by every party, other socio-political organization or every electoral bloc which passed the representation threshold established in art. 89 is divided to the electoral coefficient, hence obtaining the number of MP mandates per every electoral candidate. The decimals higher than 5 are rounded upwards, and those lower than 5 are rounded downwards.

(4) The number of MP mandates which remain undistributed shall be distributed successively, one per each part, other socio-political organization, each electoral bloc, starting with the candidate who obtained the biggest number of mandates, in decreasing order.