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Article 7

Election for Municipal Assemblies

7.1 Each municipality will be considered a single electoral zone. Each Municipal Assembly is directly elected by votes of the voters who are registered in the municipality where the Municipal Assembly election is held.

7.2 A Political Entity shall submit a list of candidates for certification for each municipality it contests based on procedures established by this law, the Law on General Elections, and CEC rules. Each candidate list shall comprise at least 30% certified candidates of the other gender.

7.3 Each certified political entity shall appear on an “open list” ballot for each municipality in which the certified Political Entity contests the election.

7.4 While exercising his/her right to vote, a voter shall vote for one (1) certified Political Entity and may vote for one (1) candidate from the list of candidates from this political Entity. If a ballot is marked with more than one (1) candidate, only the vote for Political Entity is counted.

7.5 The vote cast for Political Entity is considered as a vote for the first candidate from the list of candidates of that Political Entity. CEC ensures that the ballot does not allow the voter to vote at the same time for Political Entity and for the first candidate from the list of candidates of this Political Entity.