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Article 9

Election of Mayors 

9.1 For the purpose of Mayoral Elections, each municipality shall be considered one single-member electoral district.

9.2 A candidate for Mayor must be eligible under article 30 of the Law on General Elections and must have been a resident, for at least three (3) years, of the municipality in which she or he is running, to be elected as Mayor.

9.3 A certified political Entity’s candidate for the position of Mayor may be certified as a candidate in other elections such as for the Assembly of Kosovo or a Municipal Assembly, but shall only hold one elected office. If elected as Mayor, a candidate shall be deemed ineligible to hold a seat in the Assembly of Kosovo or a Municipal Assembly.

9.4 Each Mayor is directly elected by votes of the voters who are registered in the municipality where the Mayoral election is held.

9.5 A candidate is elected Mayor of a Municipality if he or she receives more than 50% plus one vote of the total valid votes cast in that Municipality.

9.6 If none of the candidates receives more than 50% plus one of the total votes cast in that Municipality, a second election shall be organized by the CEC between the two candidates who received the most valid votes. A second round of elections is held on the Sunday four (4) weeks after the first round.

9.7 The candidate who wins the majority of votes in the second round is elected as Mayor of the Municipality.