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Section 75

(1) Election offices shall
a) carry out organisational tasks related to preparing and conducting elections;
b) provide information to voters, candidates and nominating organisations and operate an election information service;
c) act as secretariats to the election commissions; prepare cases falling within the competence of election commissions for decision;
d) provide the material and technical conditions for the operation of election commissions and the voting;
e) organize trainings for election bodies;
f) oversee the handling, safeguarding and destruction of election documents;
g) carry out tasks related to administrative and IT tests;
h) operate the election IT systems necessary for preparing and conducting elections acting within their competence in accordance with data protection and IT security requirements;
i) provide technical assistance in tallying the votes and determining the final result of the elections;
j) attend to other duties defined by legal regulations.
(2) The Government Offices of the Capital city and the counties provide election related IT assistance as stipulated by ministerial decree.