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Section 257

(1) Based on the polling district electoral register and the register of voters requesting mobile voting, the polling station commission shall issue each voter a single-member constituency ballot paper and a party list ballot paper.
(1a) Voters who are listed in the register as national minority voters also with regard to the election of Members of Parliament shall be issued a single-member constituency ballot paper and the list ballot paper of their national minority.
(1b) Voters enlisted in the polling district register who established an address in Hungary 7 days before the ballot day and
a) got the postal vote package sent by the National Election Office according to Section 277 (1)
b) have been enlisted in the register of postal voters in the timeframe of 15 to 7 days before ballot day and have requested to get the ballot in person
shall be issued a single member constituency ballot.
(2) Voters who changed polling districts shall vote using the ballot paper of the parliamentary single-member constituency of their address and the national list ballot paper. The ballot paper envelopes shall bear the name of the parliamentary single-member constituency. Voters shall place the ballot paper in the envelope and seal the envelope.
(3) The polling station commission of the selected polling district shall carry out mobile voting for voters who changed districts in the entire settlement.