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Annex 2

The content of the central electoral register

The central electoral register shall contain:
a) the voter's name and birth name;
b) the voter's personal identification number;
c) the voter's Hungarian address and residence;
d) the voter's mother's name;
e) the voter's date and place of birth;
f) in the case of a voter with no Hungarian address who has no personal identification number, the type and number of the document proving Hungarian citizenship;
g) the indication of which election and which constituency the voter has the right to vote in, and in which election the voter may stand as a candidate;
h) an indication of the settlement and single-member constituency in which the voter was listed in the polling district electoral register on the day of the last election of representatives and mayors of municipality;
i) in the case of voters listed in the register with regard to the election of the Members of the European Parliament as the citizen of another European Union member state, also:
ia) nationality;
ib) if available, the name of the settlement or constituency where the applicant was last entered into the electoral register in the state of their citizenship;
j) in the case of voters registered as national minority voters, an indication of:
ja) which national minority the voter is listed as belonging to;
jb) whether the listing as a national minority voter also covers the election of Members of Parliament;
k) an indication of the type of assistance requested by voters with a disability pursuant to Section 88, if any;
l) the content of the declaration pursuant to Section 89;
m) the voter's address, e-mail address or fax number registered pursuant to Section 92 (2), or, in the absence thereof, the contact address listed in the records of citizens' personal data and addresses;
n) the name of the constituency and the polling district;
o) the enrolment date of voters without registered domicile in Hungary, furthermore entry date of actions pursuant to Section 97 (1) b) in the central electoral register;
p) if a voter with no Hungarian address requested to collect the voting package in person, the indication of the settlement where the voting package is to be collected.