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Article 21

(1) Lists of candidates and candidacies must be received by the competent election commission within 14 days of the day the decision to call an election comes into force.

(2) The competent election commission, upon receipt of the lists of candidates and candidacies, shall verify if they have been submitted pursuant to the provisions of this Act and the binding instructions of the State Election Commission.

(3) If the competent election commission assesses that the lists of candidates or candidacy have not been submitted pursuant to the provisions of this Act, it shall invite the proponents to resolve the failings noticed within 48 hours, and no later than the expiration of the deadline for candidacy.

(4) The competent election commission may prescribe a shorter deadline for the proponents of lists of candidates and candidacies to resolve the failings, if the deadline for candidacy expires within less than 48 hours.