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Article 60

(1) After establishing the right to vote at that polling station, a member of the election committee shall hand the voter a ballot paper, explain how to fill it in and direct him/her to the place to vote. A member of the election committee is obliged to prevent the serial number of the ballot paper given to the voter from being seen.

(2) The president of the election committee or a member authorised by him/her is obliged to hand a voter who is a member of a national minority, at his/her request, a ballot paper for the election of a deputy municipality head, mayor or county prefect from among members of a national minority.

(3) A voter who, due to physical disability or because he/she is illiterate, is unable to vote independently, may come to the polling station with another person who is able to read, and who with his/her authority and under his/her instructions shall circle the number before the title of the list of candidates or the name of the candidate for whom the voter wishes to vote.