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Article 61

(1) A voter who, due to serious illness, physical disability or infirmity, is not able to access the polling station, may inform the competent election commission of this no more than 3 days before the day the election is held, or the election committee on the day of the election.

(2) The competent election commission shall hand requests received from voters to vote outside the polling station to the competent election committee, along with the complete election materials.

(3) The president of the election committee shall appoint at least two members of the election committee to visit the voter where he/she is located and enable him/her to vote.

(4) The voter is obliged to fold the ballot paper on which he/she casts his/her vote at least once, and place it in the special envelope and seal it. The member of the election committee is obliged upon returning to the polling station to hand the envelope to the president of the election committee.

(5) The president of the election committee shall take the folded ballot paper from the envelope and immediately place it in the ballot box at the polling station.

(6) The provisions of paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 of this Article shall apply to the realisation of the voting rights of voters who come to the polling station but due to their disability are unable to access the polling station.

(7) The president of the election committee is obliged to list by name in the minutes of the work of the election committee the voters who voted according to the provisions of Article 60, paragraph 3 of this Act and paragraphs 1 and 6 of this Article.