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Article 86

(1) The results of elections for members of a representative body shall be established by the election commission of the unit on the basis of the results of voting at all polling stations in the unit.

(2) When the election commission establishes the results of the voting, it shall publish without delay:

- the number of voters registered on the electoral roll of the unit;
- how many votes each individual list of candidates received;
- how many invalid ballot papers there were;
- the number of seats in the representative body of the units won by each list of candidates;
- the name and surname of the candidates from each list of candidate elected as members of the representative body of the unit.

(3) The results of the election shall be published without delay in all local media, on the local radio and in the local newspapers, on the notice board of the unit and on the unit's website.

The results of the election shall also be published on the website of the State Election Commission.