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Article 17

The President of the Republic of Croatia, regardless of whether one or more candidates stand for the elections, shall be elected by a majority vote of all the voters who voted. If none of the candidates obtained such a majority, the elections shall be repeated after 14 days.

If more than one candidate participated in the elections, the two candidates who won the most votes at the first election have the right to stand for election. If one of the candidates withdraws, the candidate, who is next according to the number of votes obtained, shall have the right to stand for new elections.

I owing to the withdrawal of a candidate who under the provisions of the preceding Paragraph had the right to stand for a new election, there remains only one candidate, elections shall be carried out.

At the new election the candidate who has obtained the largest number of votes of the voters who have voted, shall be elected. If the candidates have obtained the same number of votes, the elections shall be held again.