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Article 33

The President of an electoral committee or a member of an electoral committee authorized by him/her shall check in the list of voters whether the voter about to vote is entered on the list.

A voter, who owing to a physical disability or because he/she is illiterate would not be able to vote in the manner provided for in this Law, may come to the polling station accompanied by another person who is literate and who shall on his/her authority circle the ordinal number preceding the name of the candidate for whom the voter is voting.

If a voter is not entered in the list of voters, the President shall not allow him/her to vote, unless the voter proves with a certificate from a competent authority that he/she has the right to vote.

When a voter, who is unable to come to the polling station to vote, notifies the electoral committee thereof, the committee shall make it possible for him/her to vote.

Voting in the manner determined in Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of this Article shall be entered in the minutes on the work of the electoral committee by the names of the voters.