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Article 22

 Powers of chairpersons, deputy chairpersons, and secretaries of DECs

1. The DEC chairperson shall:

a) perform full administrative duties at the DEC;

b) chair DEC sessions;

c) administer DEC funds;

c1) conclude labour contracts with auxiliary and technical personnel of the DEC;

d) give assignments to the deputy chairperson, secretary, other DEC members, and assisting and technical personnel according to the regulations of the Electoral Administration;

e) register initiative groups of voters, majoritarian candidates nominated in the electoral district by a party/electoral bloc/initiative group of voters. It shall also register party lists, and Mayoral candidates for elections of municipality bodies (except for the Tbilisi Sakrebulo elections and Tbilisi Mayor Elections);

f) issue respective certificates to candidates nominated by a party/electoral bloc/initiative group of voters;

f1) when there are appropriate grounds for that, issue a decree on dismissing an application/complaint without prejudice;

g) issue appropriate certificates to elected Sakrebulo members (except for Tbilisi Sakrebulo members) and if the term of office of the members is terminated, issue certificates to their successors, also to a Mayor (except for the Mayor of Tbilisi);

h) provide the CEC with all documents required for verification of powers of an elected Sakrebulo member, of a Mayor, also other electoral documents provided for by the electoral legislation of Georgia;

i) exercise other powers granted by the electoral legislation of Georgia.

2. The DEC deputy chairperson shall:

a) perform the duties of the DEC chairperson if the DEC does not have a chairperson or the DEC chairperson is unable to perform his/her duties;

b) exercise certain powers granted by an ordinance of the DEC chairperson (the ordinance shall clearly specify scopes and terms of powers).

3. The DEC secretary shall:

a) distribute electoral documents and correspondence submitted and addressed to the DEC;

b) register by ordinance the representatives of an electoral bloc/initiative group of voters/party independently running in elections to PECs and issue respective certificates to them;

c) register by ordinance observers appointed by a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity with an election/referendum the status of observer in DECs and PECs and issue observer certificates to them;

d) accredit the media representatives and issue accreditation cards to them by its ordinance;

e) draw up minutes of election commission sessions, including the summary protocols of polling and election results;

f) exercise other powers granted by the electoral legislation of Georgia.

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