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Paragraph 26

Powers of a PEC

1. A PEC is an interim territorial body of the Electoral Administration of Georgia, which is composed of the subjects referred to in Article 24 of this Law, officials appointed/elected by the CEC and the higher DEC.

2. A PEC shall:

a) within its powers, ensure the conduct of elections, referenda, and plebiscites in an electoral precinct, the implementation of the electoral legislation of Georgia, the compliance of the procedures under the electoral legislation of Georgia during polling, the exercise and the protection of the rights of voters, representatives, and observers guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia and this Law;

b) verify the accuracy of the lists of voters, consider complaints related to the lists of voters and if errors and inaccuracies are identified, apply to the higher DEC, not later than the following day, for making changes to the lists;

c) based on applications and complaints of voters, draw up a mobile ballot box list;

d) prepare the polling results at an electoral precinct, for which a summary protocol of the polling results of the PEC shall be drawn up;

d1) when needed, not later than the day following the polling day, draw up a protocol amending the summary protocol of the polling results of the PEC if there are statements of the members of a respective PEC and/or other legal and factual grounds;

e) have the right to bring up a question to the higher DEC, by decision of a majority of the total number of its members, for declaring polling results void;
f) distribute voter invitation cards among voters;

g) be responsible for the posting of information under the electoral legislation of Georgia in electoral precincts, for the proper preparation of the place where polling and ballot counting are to be conducted, and ensure the observance of order at the precinct;

h) on the polling day, consider applications and complaints related to electoral process and polling preparation process and make respective decisions within its powers;

i) guarantee the unconditional exercise of suffrage for voters on the polling day and assume full responsibility for the protection of those rights;

j) cancel decisions made by the PEC chairperson regarding temporary closure of the polling station, cessation of the polling process, reopening of the polling station, and continuation of polling following its closure;

k) exercise other powers granted by the electoral legislation of Georgia.

3. All ordinances issued by a PEC and its chairperson shall be posted at the electoral precinct on the following day.

Organic Law of Georgia No 1274 of 26 July 2017 – website, 29.7.2017