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Article 67

Procedures to be conducted before opening ballot boxes

1. After the end of polling, a PEC chairperson shall select by lot at least 3 counting officers under Article 61(2)(c) of this Law, while observers shall select from within their members not more than 2 supervisors by mutual agreement (if observers fail to come to an agreement, the PEC chairperson shall select 2 supervisors from among the observers by lot).

2. The commission chairperson shall select by casting lots not more than 2 representatives from among the representatives present at an electoral precinct who shall participate in the process of counting valid and/or invalid ballot papers, together with the counting officers selected from among the commission members by casting lots. Moreover, representatives of the electoral subjects who are at the same time the counting officers selected by casting lots from among the commission members appointed by the same electoral subjects shall not participate in casting lots for above-mentioned representatives.

3. Counting officers shall sequentially count the total number of voters participating in polling by unified, special, and mobile ballot box lists of voters. The PEC secretary shall immediately incorporate the results into a demonstration protocol and a polling day log-book, and then wrap and seal separately the unified, special, and mobile ballot box lists of voters.

4. The commission secretary shall cut an edge off any unused ballot paper. Unused and spoiled ballot papers shall be bound in separate packages. Each package shall specify the name and number of an electoral precinct, and the type of ballot paper.

5. Packages shall be sealed and signed by counting officers and the PEC chairperson.

51. Upon the completion of the above procedures, the PEC secretary shall record the number of cases defined in Article 65(22), the number of documents attached to the log-book and shall enter the relevant data into the log-book. Then the secretary shall pack and seal the documents, indicate the number of the electoral precinct, the type of the document and sign the sealed package.

6. Polling procedures at an electoral precinct set up in exceptional cases shall be conducted according to the general procedures. After the end of polling, a PEC established in exceptional cases shall seal the ballot box opening, list of voters, and unused and spoiled ballot papers. The ballot box, list of voters, and sealed unused and spoiled ballot papers shall immediately be submitted to an electoral precinct (main electoral precinct) pre-designated by ordinance of a DEC.

7. The main electoral precinct shall open the ballot box of an electoral precinct established in exceptional cases defined in the eighth paragraph of this article, and shall mix special envelopes and ballot papers from that box with the special envelopes and ballot papers available at the main electoral precinct.

8. A ballot box of an electoral precinct established in exceptional cases shall be opened after mobile and main ballot boxes of the main electoral precinct are opened. The results of the main electoral precinct and the electoral precinct established in exceptional cases shall be recorded in one summary protocol.

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