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Article 76

Summarisation of election results at the CEC

1. The CEC shall, based on protocols received from DECs and PECs, and not later than the 19th day after polling day, summarise at its meetings the results of elections of the Parliament of Georgia, elections of the Mayor of Tbilisi and Sakrebulo of Tbilisi, and shall prepare a summary protocol thereon. 2. The CEC shall summarize election results and draw up a summary protocol of election results specifying the following:

a) the number of voters;

b) the number of voters participating in the election;

c) the number of ballot papers deemed invalid;

d) the number of votes cast for electoral subjects;

e) the name(s) of the person(s) elected;

f) the data as per the relevant Articles of this law.

3. A summary protocol of election results shall be signed by the CEC Chairperson and the CEC Secretary. The protocol shall be kept with the CEC, and certified copies thereof shall be given to the authorities defined by this Law and to all persons concerned.

4. The CEC shall ensure the posting of summary protocols of polling results on the CEC website at the same time when summary protocols from electoral precincts are received. The Electoral Administration officers shall be prohibited to make announcements about preliminary results of elections, unless the results are duly published on the CEC website.

5. It is prohibited to summarize election results by the CEC until election disputes pending in the courts of common jurisdiction are resolved, without giving full consideration to the court decisions.

6. In the case of any application/complaint and/or dissenting opinion of any CEC member, the CEC may summarize election results based on PEC summary protocols.

7. Upon summarising the final results of elections, the CEC shall post information about election results on its website by each electoral precinct. The CEC shall, not later than on the following day, give this information to the press and other media, and publish a summary protocol of election results on its website and give it to the Legislative Herald of Georgia that shall publish it in two day time.

8. The CEC shall make the protocols referred to in Article 71(14) of this Law public, as well as shall ensure the immediate publication thereof on the CEC website. At the same time, if electoral precinct results have been appealed to the court as defined by the legislation of Georgia, the CEC shall be obliged to make proper note thereof in the respective protocol published on the website immediately after the official notification.

9. In any elections, after receiving from DECs the documents defined in Article 75(10) of this Law, the CEC shall process the documents within 40 days after polling day and draw up a separate document for each case: each document shall contain a certified copy of the respective page of the log-book and the attached relevant documents. The materials shall be transferred to the Agency not later than the 45th day after polling day. The agency shall study the materials in order to verify the identity of the persons in question. If the verification reveals that a person participated or attempted to participate in the elections with counterfeit or other person's documents, the person shall be held liable under Article 1642 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

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