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Article 29

Article 29              (1)       An elector votes in person. Proxy is not permitted. The polling clerks are prohibited to mark the ballot papers for the voters. The voters step before the Ward Election Commission and cast a vote in the order of entering the polling station.              (2)       The  voter shall prove his identity8) at the polling station and upon marking his name off in the Election Register, the polling clerk shall give him the envelope with ballot papers. When the voter does not produce his identity card and none of the polling clerks knows him, he will be asked by the Election Commission to prove his identity with the help of two witnesses known to the polling clerks. If the voter fails to do so before the end of the poll, he shall not be admitted to vote.              (3)       After receiving the envelope with ballot papers the voter shall enter the polling booth where the voter shall put one ballot paper for the election to the Council and one ballot paper for election of the Head into the envelope. He shall circle the order numbers of preferred candidates on the ballot paper for election to the Council. The voter can circle only as many candidates as are to be elected in the relevant election district. The voter shall circle the order number of preferred candidate for the Head on the ballot paper for the election of the Head.              (4)       Upon voter´s request, the Ward Election Commission shall replace the ballot papers marked by the voter by mistake for the new ones.              (5)     The polling is made so that upon leaving the polling booth the voter puts the envelope into a ballot box. The Election Commission shall not permit voting to a voter who has not entered the polling booth.              (6)       The voter is entitled to ask the Ward Election Commission on serious, especially health grounds, for permission to vote outside the polling station, however, only within the territory of the election ward in the responsibility of the Ward Election Commission. In such case the Ward Election Commission shall send two polling clerks with a portable ballot box, an envelope and ballot papers to the voter. During the voting the polling clerks shall proceed in such way as to support secrecy of the ballot.