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Article 28

Withdrawal or Replacement of Candidates and Political Entities

28.1 A Political Entity that has been certified may withdraw from an election by providing the CEC with written notice clearly indicating its intention to withdraw no later than two (2) working days before the date set for the ballot lottery under Article 24.1 of this Law.

28.2 If the ECAC removes a candidate from a candidate list because it determines that the candidate did not give his or her consent to stand as a candidate, the Political Entity may not replace that candidate on its candidate list, but shall ensure that the list remains in compliance with Article 27 of this Law.

28.3 Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 2 of this Article, a certified political party, citizens’ initiative or coalition may within four (4) days after removal of a candidate replace him or her if that candidate also appears on the candidate list of another political party, citizens’ initiative or coalition and has indicated a clear intention in writing to remain on the list of the other political entity.

28.4 If a candidate dies prior to the election, a certified political party, citizens’ initiative or coalition may replace the deceased candidate by a date established by the CEC. 

28.5 All requests to withdraw a certified candidate from the election shall be submitted to the CEC.