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Article 29

Candidate Eligibility

29.1 Any person whose name appears on the Voters List is eligible to be certified as a candidate, except if he or she is:

a) judge or prosecutor in Kosovo or elsewhere;

b) member of the Kosovo Security Force;

c) member of the Kosovo Police;

d) member of the Customs Service of Kosovo;

e) member of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency;

f) head of an independent agency;

g) diplomatic representative;

h) chairperson or a member of the CEC;

i) member of the ECAC;

j) member of a Municipal Election Commission;

k) member of the armed forces of any state;

l) member of any police force or similar body;

m) serving a sentence imposed by the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia;

n) under indictment by the Tribunal and has failed to comply with an order to appear before the Tribunal;

o) deprived of legal capacity by a final court decision;

p) deprived by a final court decision, including an ECAC decision, of the right to stand as a candidate;

q) found guilty of a criminal offence by a final court decision in the past three (3) years;

r) has failed to pay a fine imposed by the ECAC or the CEC; or has failed to obey an order of the ECAC, 

29.2 The number of the names of the candidates submitted may not be more than ten percent (10%) more than the maximum number of seats to be allocated.
29.3 If more than the maximum number of candidates is submitted, the CEC shall reduce the candidate list to bring it into compliance with the provisions of this article.

29.4 If a candidate who has been certified by the CEC has or acquires a status that would render him or her ineligible to be a candidate by reference to the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article, that person shall be decertified by the CEC and removed from the candidates list of the relevant Political Entity.

29.5 No person who is a member of another elected legislative body may take a seat in the Kosovo Assembly. An Assembly member who is or becomes a member of another elected legislative body after taking up his or her seat in the Assembly shall forfeit his or her mandate in the Assembly.

29.6 A public employee contesting a seat in the Assembly must take a leave of absence effective of the date of the beginning of the campaign period.

29.7 The CEC shall publish the certified lists of candidates within five (5) days of the certification and any amendments thereto within five (5) additional days.

29.8 A candidate may not at the same time stand for office on more than one candidate list of a political party, coalition, citizens’ initiative, or run as an independent candidate.

29.9 The intentional provision of false information pertaining to articles 29.1 or 29.5 shall be a separate offence punishable in accordance with the rules of ECAC.