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Article 64

Responsibilities and Functions of the CEC

64.1 The CEC shall be responsible for the implementation of this law.

64.2 The CEC shall:

a) prepare and issue rules, forms and procedures relating to the implementation of this law and any other matter pertaining to the conduct of elections within its competence;

b) publish all approved rules, forms and procedures and make them readily accessible to the public;

c) establish and maintain the list of persons eligible to vote in a particular election;

d) maintain an Office for Registration of Political Parties and Certification of Political Entities as provided in this law;

e) design and approve ballot papers and other electoral materials;

f) accredit official election observers;

g) certify the voters list in relation to an election;

h) certify the results of elections;

i) publish the results of elections;

j) establish municipal election commissions and polling station committees and regulate their operation;

k) appoint ballot counting teams for any polling station committees as circumstances may warrant.