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Article 82

General Provisions

82.1 The FVL of voters assigned to the same PC shall be prepared in the manner prescribed by the CEC and in a way that no PS within the PC exceeds 750 voters. Exceptions to this Rule may be authorized by the CEC.

82.2 A PS must be large enough to ensure the proper conduct of voting by setting up all work stations as defined in this Law and ensuring the secrecy of voting, the free view and control of the ballot box, and unimpeded access to observers.

82.3 The following persons are authorized to be present in a Polling Station or Centre:

a) persons attending for the purpose of voting;

b) members of the Polling Station Committee and Polling Centre staff;

c) CEC Members and CECS staff;

d) Municipal Election Commission members;

e) accredited observers;

f) police, when called upon to restore order; and

g) interpreters for the persons listed in items (c), (e) and (f) of this sub article