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Article 84

Polling Station Security

84.1 The PSC Chairperson, with the assistance of all PSC members, shall ensure the tranquility and security of the voting process inside the PS. The order in the queue in front of the PS shall be maintained by the PSC member assigned as Queue Controller.

84.2 In case of serious disturbance inside or in the immediate vicinity of a PS, the PSC Chairperson shall request immediate assistance from the police. The incident shall be immediately noted in the Poll Book.

84.3 In case the disturbance turns into a serious threat to the integrity of the voting process or against the people inside the PS, the PSC Chairperson may decide to suspend polling and close the PS until order is re-established. The PSC Chairperson shall inform the MEC immediately and record the event in the Poll Book, including the period during which polling was suspended.

84.4 No person carrying weapons or arms shall be allowed inside a PS except on duty Kosovo Police in uniform. On duty Kosovo Police may not linger inside the PS after casting their ballot.