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Article 97

Application for a Ballot

97.1 An eligible voter may apply to receive an Out of Kosovo ballot by submitting a completed Out of Kosovo Voting Application/Voter Registration Form (“By-Mail Application”) in the form available from the CEC web-site:

a) by mail to one of the CEC P.O. Boxes; or

b) by fax to the CEC at a number indicated on the Out of Kosovo Application.

97.2 An eligible voter who has not previously been registered to vote in an election under the authority of the CEC shall submit, along with a completed Out of Kosovo Application, documentary proof that he or she fulfils the eligibility criteria set in Article 5 of this Law.

97.3 For the purposes of paragraph 2 of this Article, documents listed in article 90 may be used to establish some or all of the eligibility criteria under article 5 of this Law.