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Article 106

Election Results

106.1 The CEC shall certify the election results after the completion of all polling station and counting centre procedures and when all outstanding complaints concerning polling and counting have been adjudicated by the ECAC and by the Constitutional Court.

106.2 Prior to certification of the election results, the CEC may order a recount of ballots in any polling station, or counting centre, or a repeat of the voting in a polling centre or municipality.

106.3 The results of an election are final and binding once they have been certified by the CEC.

106.4 The CEC shall publish the results of an election after they have been certified. The CEC Secretariat shall make public the following final results in a tabulated format including the publication on its web-site:

a) number of electors entered in the register of electors;

b) number of electors who have voted in each polling station;

c) number of electors who have voted outside the polling station;

d) number of electors who have voted (total ballots cast);

e) number of valid ballots received;

f) number of ballots unused.

g) number of used ballots;

h) number of invalid ballots;

i) number of blank ballots;

j) number of spoiled ballots;

k) number of votes for each Political Entity;

l) number of votes received by each individual candidate, when applicable;

m) number of seats granted to each entity;

n) names of candidates elected to office.