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Article 110

General Provisions

110.1 Kosovo shall be considered a single, multi-member electoral district.

110.2 A Political Entity shall submit a list of candidates based on procedures established by this law and CEC rules. Each candidate list shall comprise at least 30% of candidates from the other gender according to the table attached as Annex 1.

110.3 Each certified Political Entity shall appear on an “open list” ballot.

110.4 In the exercise of his/her right to vote, a voter shall vote for one (1) certified Political Entity and may vote for one (1) candidate from the said Political Entity’s candidate list. If a ballot is marked with more than one (1) candidate, only the vote for the Political Entity shall be counted.

110.5 A vote cast for a Political Entity shall be considered as a vote cast for the candidate ranking first on the Political Entity’s candidate list. The CEC shall ensure that the ballot does not allow a vote to be simultaneously cast for a Political Entity and the candidate ranking first on the said Political Entity’s candidate list.