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Article 14

(1) The candidates cannot receive donations and aid from foreign countries, international organizations, legal persons, and real persons that are not Turkish nationals.

(2) The candidates are obliged to make a declaration of property within the candidacy application period to be determined by the Supreme Election Council. The declaration of property of the elected candidate is published in the Official Gazette after the finalization of the election results.

(3) The amount of financial aid each individual can make to the candidates for each round cannot exceed the monthly gross total of all sorts of actual payments made to the highest level civil servant, under the scope of financial rights. Aid and grants that have been received are exempt from inheritance and transfer tax. Candidates cannot borrow money.

(4) For the purpose of maintaining transparency in the elections, financial aid over the amount determined by the Supreme Election Council shall be deposited to a bank account opened in the name of the candidate also known as the “Election Account”. Financial aid under the amount determined by the Supreme Election Council are collected in exchange for receipts and deposited in the election account. The donations and aid received are only used for election expenditures and cannot be allocated for any other purposes.

(5) Expenditures made with donations and aid in the period from the finalization of candidacy to the finalization of the election results are recorded onto the lists approved by the Supreme Election Council.

(6) Information and documents on election accounts and donation, aid, and expenditures are submitted to the Supreme Election Council within ten days following the finalization of the election results. The Supreme Election Council shall inspect election accounts within one month and shall determine irregularities, if any, and whether or not the stipulated limits have been exceeded. For the purpose of correcting deficiencies determined in this stage, a suitable period shall be granted to the candidates by the Supreme Election Council. Amounts of received donations and aids exceeding specified limits and the unexpended proportions shall be transferred to the Treasury. While fulfilling this duty, the Council shall be able to receive assistance from the Turkish Court of Accounts and other concerned public institutions.

(7) The results of inspections of the Supreme Election Council are final and announced within one month following the completion of the inspection.

(8) On condition the Supreme Election Council is notified in advance, the candidate can authorize one or more of the members of the profession vested with powers according to the Law No. 3568 of 1/6/1989 on Certified Public Accountancy and Sworn-in Certified Public Accountancy or lawyers for the recording and submission of information and documents pertaining to election accounts and income and expenditure. In such a case, the authorized member of the profession shall be held responsible for the failure to fulfill or the deficient fulfillment of the aforementioned matters according to concerned legislation.

(9) The principles and procedures for the declaration of property to be made by the candidate; the form, content, and approval of lists to be used by candidates; form and content of the receipts, and having them printed;, receiving, recording, and expending donations and aids; the transfer of the unexpended proportion or the proportion exceeding the donation limit to the Treasury; and other procedures and principles pertaining to the implementation of this article shall be determined by the Supreme Election Council.