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Article 71

Main tasks and authorizations of Polling Station Committees are as follows:

1. (Amended on 13/3/2018 in accordance with the article 23 of Law 7102) Taking necessary measures around the Polling Station district in order to perform a fair and decent election, conducting and auditing voting procedures,

2. (Amended on 13/3/2018 in accordance with the article 23 of Law 7102) Determining the exact buildings, structures and any other similar places determined by the district electoral boards as the Polling Station in the district, putting up clear and prominent signs at the corners of the streets or announcing their locations through usual ways,

3. Investigating and taking decisions on the objections concerning voting procedures, registering and undersigning the decisions in the protocol book,
4. Immediately forwarding the decisions those raised objections, to the District Electoral Board,

5. Counting ballots inserted in the box according to the principles of this law, issuing and sending lists immediately to the District Electoral Board, along with other documents related to election procedures,

6. Performing other tasks assigned for itself by the law.