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Article 86

(Amended by Article 15 of Law 5980, on 8 April 2010)

Every voter listed in the approved ballot-box voter list is entitled to vote.

Other than the exceptions specified in this Law, persons who are not registered in the ballot-box voter list shall not be allowed to vote. However, in cases where there are voters whose names are not included in the ballot box lists that are copied and delivered to the polling station committees although their names were listed in the final muhtar district display list or who had made an application during the display period for their names to be included in these lists and about whom a decision had been made to be registered therein, the chairman of the district electoral board shall decide for such voters to be added to the ballot box voter list where they are to vote by means of reference to the list issued by the district electoral board without consideration of the final muhtar district display list, whereby the voter shall be issued a letter by the district electoral board with which he shall apply to the polling station committee and be added to the list to cast his vote.

Other than in theexceptions specified under this Law, each voter shall cast his vote at the polling station in which he is registered under the ballot box voter list.

A voter shall not cast more than one vote for the same election.

A voter shall cast his vote only in the constituency in which he is listed as a voter.

In cases where there are voters about whom an official document has been issued, until election day, indicating that they are no longer eligible for voting, and voters who had been registered in the remand prisoners ballot box voter list prior to their release, or voters about whom an official letter has been issued indicating that they are convicted of a crime other than crimes of negligence for which a final sentence has been passed, such persons shall not be entitled to vote even if their names are registered in the voter list and such a situation shall be recorded by the polling station committee in a protocol.