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Article 92

Rules to be respected by voters in the closed polling booths (1)

No one shall be allowed to enter a closed polling booth unless the voter comes out. However, the chairman of the committee shall warn any voter and give him a reasonable period of time in cases where a voter remains in the closed polling booth for a longer period of time than necessary to prepare the ballot. Any voter who fails to come out of the closed polling booth despite such a warning shall be taken outside.

It is prohibited for a voter to enter the closed polling booth with devices that can save images or enable communication such as mobile phones, photographic or video cameras. Such devices shall be shut down and handed over to the chairman of the polling station committee before entering the polling booth and shall be returned to the voter upon the completion of the casting of his vote.

(1) The former heading of this article ‘Staying in the Voting Booth’ has been amended by Article 17 of Law 5980, 8 April 2010 to read as indicated in the current text.