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Article 93

(1st Article of Law 2234, amended on 17 May 1979.) After the voter folds and glues the ballot in the closed polling booth, he/she gets out and inserts the joint ballot into the ballot box himself.

Disabled voters with apparent disabilities such as blindness, paralysis or similar physical defects may be accompanied by one of their relatives who are voters in the same election district or, in the absence of any relative, by any other voter to provide assistance in their voting performance. A voter cannot accompany more than one disabled.

(Third paragraph amended by Article 9 of Law 5749 on 13 March 2008) The chairman of the polling station committee shall ensure at the time he gives back the identity card of the voter that the voter puts his signature across his name in the voter list. It shall suffice to get the finger print of the left hand thumb for those who cannot sign. If the voter does not have a left hand thumb, a note shall be written to indicate which finger was used for the finger print.