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Article 148

(Amended 17/5/1979 - 2234/art 1)

(Amended first paragraph by Article 296 of Law 5728 on January 1 2008.)

Those who prepare voter registers which are partly or totally fake, who damage or destroy or steal the voter registers shall face the sentence specified in the Turkish Penal Code for preparing fraudulent documents with the sentence term increased by half the amount set forth in the Penal Code.

Those who steal, damage or destroy the documents related to the voter registers are also punished in the same way.

Those who commit the same acts explained in the above paragraph on any identification document of the voter or those who hides such documents in order to prevent his/her voting, are sentenced for six months to two years.

In case the voter votes presenting his/her identity, half of the sentence period written in the above paragraph is applied as a penalty.