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Article 154

(Amended by Article 301 of Law 5728 on 23 January 2008)

In case civil servants and judges who run for elections without complying the rules set by special laws, army officers and military civil servants and non-commissioned officers who have applied for resignation in order to run for elections and whose resignation is accepted, yet who have not left their position and conduct electioneering activities in their official uniforms or commit any act for the same purpose, are fined with a judicial fine not less than one hundred days.

If judges and people who fall in the same category with the judges, members of the military, and civil servants and employees mentioned in the second paragraph of the 62nd Article of this law, conduct or encourage or influence others conducting for or against electioneering activities for candidates (whether party member or independent) during the period from the beginning date of the elections as determined by the relevant specific law to the end of the voting day, such people are sentenced to prison terms for three months to one year if no other crime requiring a heavier sentence is established.
Those who do not comply with the prohibitions set by the 63rd Article are sentenced to prison terms for six months to one year.