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Paragraph 48

definition of the ballot box area in the Law on Basic Provisions on Elections and Voter Registers (Article 81) is also amended so that this area is restricted to the “room, section or place” in which the ballot box is placed. Before the amendment, the ballot box area also included a 100 metre radius around the polling station. Although the amendment eliminates the issue of a specific place being the ballot box area for many polling stations and thus under supervision by more than one BBC, the significance of this amendment is that narrowing the ballot box area defined in Article 81 also narrows the restrictions on the presence of security forces regulated in Article 82. In other words, it appears that the law now allows a stronger presence of security forces in the immediate vicinity of the polling station, including in hallways of the buildings that house polling stations where voters are queuing, which could have an intimidating effect. The Venice Commission and ODIHR recommend reconsidering the amendment that narrows the ballot box area.