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Article 54


1.                  The Federal President is elected, without debate, by the Federal Convention. Every German is eligible who is entitled to vote for the Bundestag and who has attained the age of forty.

2.                  The term of office of the Federal President is five years. Reelection for a consecutive term is permitted only once.

3.                  The Federal Convention consists of the members of the Bundestag and an equal number of members elected by the representative assemblies of the Laender according to the rules of proportional representation.

4.                  The Federal Convention meets not later than thirty days before the expiration of the term of office of the Federal President or, In the case of premature termination, not later than thirty days after this date. It is convened by the President of the Bundestag.

5.                  After expiration of the legislative term the period specified in paragraph 4, first sentence, begins with the first meeting of the Bundestag.

6.                  The person receiving the votes of the majority of the members of the Federal Convention is elected. If such majority is not obtained by any candidate in two ballots, the candidate who receives the largest number of votes in a further ballot is elected.

7.                  Details will be regulated by a Federal law.