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Article 38

A total of 140 representatives to the Parliament, not including representatives of the national minorities and representatives elected by Croatian nationals not having residence in the Republic of Croatia, shall be elected in a way that the territory of the Republic of Croatia shall be divided into ten electoral constituencies, where each electoral constituency shall elect 14 representatives to the Parliament.

Representatives to the Parliament shall be elected based on proportional representation and preferential voting.

Voters may vote only for one slate of candidates.

The voter may mark one candidate on the ballot to have precedence over other candidates on the slate selected (preferred vote).

With Article 37 of the AAAERCSP (Official Gazette 53/03), which entered into force on 2 April 2003, the words: "House of Representatives of the Parliament" were replaced with the word: "Parliament".

With Article 6, paragraph 9 of the AAAECSP (Official Gazette 145/10), which entered into force on 1 January 2011, paragraph 2 was added; however, the said Article 9 of the AAAECSP (Official Gazette 145/10) was repealed pursuant to a Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia of 29 July 2011 (Official Gazette 93/11).

With Article 23 of the Act on Amendments to the Act on the Elections of Representatives to the Croatian Parliament (Official Gazette 19/15), which entered into force on 25 February 2015, paragraph 38 was amended.