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Article 88

The municipal and city electoral commissions shall keep minutes concerning their work in which they shall record:

1. the number of voters registered in the excerpt from the voters' list in their area of responsibility;
2. the number of voters who cast ballots and the number of ballots declared spoiled;
3. the number of votes won by each slate, the names and surnames of candidates from the slate with the number of preferred votes, and the number of votes won by a particular candidate for the election of representatives of national minorities.

With Article 45 of the Act on Amendments to the Act on the Elections of Representatives to the Croatian Parliament (Official Gazette 19/15), which entered into force on 25 February 2015, item 3 was amended in paragraph 1.

Municipal and city electoral commissions shall submit their minutes with other election materials to the electoral constituency electoral commission at the latest within 18 hours of the closing of polling stations.