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Article 16

Powers of the Constituency Electoral Committee

The constituency electoral committee shall:

1) inform, in the manner established by the Central Electoral Commission, the voters who reside in the constituency about the boundaries of the polling districts, their offices, their working hours and polling stations;
2) supervise the implementation of this Law in the constituency;
3) form polling district electoral committees;
4) without exceeding the constituency electoral committee’s estimate approved by the Central Electoral Commission, approve the estimate of expenditure of polling district electoral committees and control how these funds, provided for in the estimates, are used;
5) register election observers and issue certificates to them;
6) monitor voting by post in the territory of the constituency
7) make up a list of healthcare (with the exception of outpatient health care institutions), social care and guardianship institutions, military units, arrest houses, remand prisons (detention facilities) and penal institutions situated in the territory of the constituency, and together with the head of the post office make arrangements to organise voting by post in those institutions as well as organise early voting;
8) draw up the vote counting record of the constituency;
9) monitor political advertising within a constituency during the election campaign and submit monitoring data to the Central Electoral Commission in a manner prescribed by it;
10) consider complaints against decisions and actions of the polling committees and adopt decisions, repeal decisions which contravene the requirements of laws and other legal acts;
11) exercise other powers provided for in this Law.