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Article 185

 Suffrage during the transition period

1. Any person who is born and permanently lives for the most recent 5 years in Georgia, and by the time of enforcement of Article 1044 of the Constitution of Georgia, possesses citizenship of any member state of the European Union together with the citizenship of Georgia and from the relevant age, shall have the right to participate in Presidential and Parliamentary elections and to have the right of suffrage until 1 January 2014.

2. The rights and obligations of citizens of Georgia referred to in this Law and in the Organic Law of Georgia on Political Unions of Citizens shall apply fully to an individual determined in the first paragraph of this article.

3. An individual under this Law shall use a passport of a member state of the European Union instead of a passport and a personal identification card of a citizen Georgia as provided for by this Law.

4. The CEC/relevant DEC shall be authorised to register a person as a voter, who meets the requirements provided for in the first paragraph of this article. This person shall be registered in Georgia according to his/her actual place of residence based on the nomination by an administrative body or based on his/her own application.

Organic Law of Georgia No 6571 of 28 June 2012 – website, 28.6.2012

Organic Law of Georgia No 877 of 27 July 2013, website – 20.8.2013