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Article 44
Section 44
Election returns
(1) (1) As deputies of the Municipal (City) Council are elected the candidates who have obtained majority of votes.
(2) (2) If two or more candidates of one political party on the last place in order obtain equal number of votes, an elected deputy shall become the candidate with the lowest serial number on the register of candidates of the political party concerned.
(3) (3) If it is impossible to establish which candidate has been elected as a deputy of the Municipal (City) Council according to paragraph 2 herein, because the controversial candidates are members of various political parties or independent candidates, the local election commission shall by drawing lots designate one of them to be a deputy.
(4) (4) In municipalities pursuant to section 9 paragraph 5 the establishment of a candidate as referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 herein shall be carried out separately for each nationality.
(5) (5) As a Mayor of the municipality is elected the candidate who has obtained majority of valid votes. In case of equal number of votes, a new election shall be held (section 48).