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Functions and duties

The polling station committees shall be charged with the following:

a) To receive and review electoral documentation and materials and to immediately notify the Tribunal or the election adviser for the respective canton of any omission or irregularity discovered.

b) To prepare records of the commencement and closing of voting.

c) To receive voters’ ballots and resolve any incidents occurring in this respect.

d) To issue certifications of the number of votes cast at any time when so requested by a duly accredited party supervisor, without exceeding three per party with the certifications being signed by the chairman and the secretary.

e) To carry out preliminary counts of ballots cast and compute those cast for each party separately.

f) To notify the Tribunal as soon as possible of the result of the voting by the means at its disposal.

g) To hand over election documents and surplus materials to the cantonal board or the person designated by the Tribunal once the final record of voting has been drawn up.

h) Any other functions stipulated by law or ordered by the Tribunal.