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Article 37

Voting for the election of members of the representative bodies of a unit shall be carried out at the polling places on the territory of a municipality, town and the City of Zagreb.

Competent election commissions shall announce which polling places have been designated, with an indication which voters have the right to vote at a certain place, eight days before the election day at the latest.

Competent election commissions shall designate polling places depending of the number of voters, i.e. geographical distance, in such a way so that the number of voters at a polling place ensures that all voters can vote within the period set for voting. Each polling place shall have its ordinal number.

For each polling place a special room shall be set for voting arranged and equipped in such a way  as to ensure the secrecy of voting, and in which only the state symbols can be prominent in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and the Act on the Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Croatia and the sash of the President of the Republic of Croatia (“Official Gazette”, no. 55/90), such as the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia and the flag of the Republic of Croatia as well as the symbols of counties, towns, i.e. municipalities pursuant to their Statute.

All lists of candidates with clearly stated names of all candidates for the representative body for which elections are to be held have to be put on a prominent place at each polling place.