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Aggravated crimes relating to the functioning of Electoral Boards

The following individuals shall be liable to two to six years’ imprisonment:

a) Any person who votes more than once in the same election.

b) Any person who votes without being entitled to do so or who replaces another.

c) Any person who prevents a polling station committee from functioning properly or who prevents any of its members from performing their duties.

d) Any polling station committee member who counts invalid votes as valid, alters valid votes to render them invalid or fails to count valid votes for a party or a candidate for the purpose of altering the vote counts of the committee to favor or cause detriment to a political party.

e) Any polling committee member who allows a person to vote when not entitled to do so or by impersonating others.

f) Any polling committee member who infringes voting secrecy.

g) Any polling committee member who substitutes or destroys ballot papers on which voters have cast their votes.

h) Any person who impedes or interrupts the opening of the polls, changes the premises for this purpose, extracts ballot papers placed in ballot boxes or removes election materials from the committee for the purpose of impeding voting.

i) Any person who opens or abstracts the election documentation bag prior to the execution of the stipulations of election legislation or without complying with the requirements stipulated therein.

j) Any person who carries out any maneuvers tending to falsify the result of an election.

k) Any person who does not send election documentation to the TSE or to the person it stipulates, after the preliminary assessment has been carried out.