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Crimes relating to party treasurers

The following individuals shall be liable to two to four years’ imprisonment:

a) Party treasurers or individuals authorized by political parties to manage party funds, who receive contributions, donations, loans or support, directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind, in contravention of the provisions of this Act, when these originate from foreign legal entities, are deposited in foreign bank accounts or are effected through parallel structures.

b) Political party treasurers who, having been informed by the Tribunal of the duty to report contributions, donations and support in cash or in kind received by this political party, fail to send these report, submit incomplete reports or delay them without just cause.

c) Political party treasurers who do not provide information from audits of private contributions made to the party when formally requested to do so by the Tribunal or provide false data.

d) Treasurers who do not immediately notify the Tribunal of irregular private contributions made to political parties or illegal deposits made into the single account of the party.

e) Treasurers who receive contributions from international organizations not accredited with the Tribunal. 

Treasurers who receive anonymous contributions made to a political party shall be liable to two to six years’ imprisonment.