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Fines relating to the functioning of Electoral Boards 

The following individuals shall be liable to a fine of two to ten times the statutory monthly minimum wage:

a) Members of Electoral Boards who appear armed, inebriated or under the influence of illegal drugs at the premises where the electoral body is operating, or individuals who are reluctant to perform the duties assigned, without prejudice to the liabilities stipulated in Act No. 7530 of July 10, 1995, the Firearms and Explosive Act, and the amendments thereto.

b) Members of Electoral Boards who do not attend its sittings for no just cause.

c) Individuals who transfer their identity cards in any way on polling day and individuals who have the identity cards of others in their possession without any justification.

d) Individuals who unlawfully remain in election premises.

e) Individuals who impede in any way access to voting premises for disabled individuals, senior citizens and individuals with reduced mobility on polling day.