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Article 47

Upon the end of the voting the electoral committee shall first count all the unused ballot papers and put them in a special envelop that will be closed.  

After that, the electoral committee shall determine, according to the electoral roll, i.e. the excerpt from the electoral roll and based on the record, the total number of the voters who have voted, start opening the polling box and counting votes.

In case when counting votes at a polling place it is determined that the number of votes according to the electoral roll is higher than the number of votes according to ballot papers, the voting results according to ballot papers are valid.

In case when counting votes it is determined that a smaller number of voters have voted than the number of the votes in a polling box, the electoral committee shall be dissolved and a new one appointed, and the voting at that polling place shall be repeated after 15 days. In case the voting has to be repeated, the returns at that polling place shall be determined within 24 hours from the repeated voting.