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Article 114

Tabulating and determining the election results at polling stations

(1) The results of the voting at polling stations shall be tabulated and determined in the following manner:
    - the unused ballots shall be counted, and after the counting, first the bottom right-hand corner shall be torn off and then they shall be put in a special envelope which shall be closed, sealed and the number of the polling station and the number of the unused ballots shall be written on it;
     - the total number of voters registered in the Voter List who have cast their vote and countersigned the Voter List or have deposited their fingerprint shall be determined;
     - the ballot box shall be opened and the counting of votes shall begin;
     - by drawing lots, one member shall be selected to take out and open the ballots from the ballot box one at a time and hand them over to the president of the Election Board;
      - the ballot shall be shown to all Election Board members, to the present representatives of the lists submitters and to the observers;
      - the Election Board shall determine whether the ballot is valid or not and for which list of candidates i.e. candidate the vote has been cast;
      - the cast vote shall be recorded, the ballot shall be put in the corresponding place and a new ballot shall be taken out of the ballot box.