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Article 127

Determining results and distributing mandates for the election of Members of Parliament

(1) The State Election Commission shall tabulate and determine the overall results of the voting in the electoral districts.
(2) The State Election Commission shall determine the voting results based on the result tabulated result protocols of the Municipal Election Commissions and the entire election material.
(3) The State Election Commission shall determine the results for each individual electoral district separately, according to the total number of won by the individual lists of candidates, based on the aggregated results of the Municipal Election Commission for the polling places in the electoral district for which it is competent.
(4) Election results shall be determined by applying the d`Hondt method.
(5) Having determined the total number of votes cast for that number of candidates in the electoral district (so-called electorate), each list shall be separately divided by the line of divisors 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. until all seats in the electoral district are allocated by applying this principle.
(6) The quotients of the division, referred to in paragraph (5) of this article shall be ordered by size and the number of largest quotients to be considered relevant will be the same as the number of Members of Parliament being elected in the electoral district.
(7) A list of candidates shall obtain as many parliamentary seats as there are largest quotients out of the number of quotients referred to in paragraph (6) of this article.
(8) Should there be two identical quotients when distributing the last seat in the Parliament, the mandate shall be allocated by drawing lots.
(9) When allocating the parliamentary seats, the number of candidates elected shall correspond to the number of seats won by the list.
(10) Candidates shall be elected from the list of candidates, according to the established sequence.